WordPress – your best CMS

WordPress theme is a pre-made design for
WordPress, the most popular blogging software.
Fundamentally WordPress themes is a skin for your
weblog. But actually it is more than just a skin.
It is a number of files that work together to
produce a graphical interface. With the help of
WordPress flat themes you gain more control over the                                                                                              
look and presentation of the material and
information on your web site. WordPress theme is one of the simplest and easiest ways to change
the layout and design of the site without
changing the software it is based on.
WordPress is a blog publishing system written
in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. WordPress
becomes the most prevailing and powerful software,
it is widely adopted by a great number of blog
owners all over the Internet. Apart from the fact
that WordPress software can be employed for
blogging, complex news resources can be based on
it as well. But what possibilities make
WordPress to be one the most popular content
management systems? First of all you have the
possibility of publishing the material with the
help of other, exterior programs and services. So
you can add or edit the information using
different programs of blog clients or you can do
it online using such a program as Google-Docs.
And the changes you have made are updated
immediately. It is very easy to install and
manage WordPress; it does not require any
profound programming skills. WordPress supports
such web standards as XHTML, CSS. Moreover it
also supports trackback, pingback, RSS and Atom.
You may subscribe to the latest records and
comments of the whole blog or any specific rubric.
With the help of a particular plug-in it is
possible to make an automatic readdressing of the
RSS feed to feedburner.com. As it was mentioned
above, WordPress is based on a Templating system.
It means that you can use different templates or
themes to customize your web site, to modify the
look and presentation of the data. Moreover, you
are able to select various WordPress themes for
various categories and posts in your blog.
WordPress themes may include customized theme
files, image files (*.jpg, *.gif), style sheets (*
.css), custom pages, as well as any necessary
code files (*.php). And nowadays there are a
great number and variety of WordPress themes
created on a professional level. These themes are
mostly based on PHP options, so there are no
difficulties in controlling them. You may upload
several WordPress themes at once, and then select
the active theme through the administration panel.
If your blog is powered by WordPress, it may
have multiple authors. With the help of the
special plug-ins you may edit authors’ profiles,
edit permissions for each author in particular.
In conclusion, one fact should be mentioned as
well. According to the statistics derived from an
Internet search engine for searching blogs –
Technorati.com – about 200,000 weblogs appear
each day; and mostly they are powered by
WordPress software. The blogs may have different
orientation: personal blogs, company blogs as an
effective tool for presentations of new products
and services, blogs of the narrow specialization
etc. And the only thing that unites all them is
WordPress themes.

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